Fun Facts About Lexus near Miami, FL

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Drivers who love luxury vehicles know the Lexus brand well. Known for its stunning luxury vehicles at affordable prices, Lexus is responsible for creating some truly incredible vehicles. We’re big fans of these vehicles here at Lexus of Pembroke Pines and we want everyone to feel the same, so we put together some fun facts about Lexus to help you learn more about this iconic brand. 

1. Name Changes

In August of 1983, the Lexus brand was established by Eiji Toyoda, the president of Toyota. He wanted to create a brand of luxury Japanese vehicles that would be an affordable alternative to European and American brands. Out of the 219 possible names for the brand, they originally decided to name it Alexis; however, they shortened the name to Lexus to avoid confusion with the character from the 1980s hit show Dynasty.

2. Lexus’ First Logo Was a Shield

Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, created the official logo for the Lexus brand. After rejecting the first logo, an ornate shield, he opted to go with a simple, stylish “L” symbol. The simplicity of the logo was meant to convey the Lexus brand’s goal: luxurious, technologically-advanced vehicles. In fact, the official slogan of the Lexus brand is: “Lexus. The relentless pursuit of perfection.” 

3. Lexus Created a Vehicle for Steven Spielberg

The Lexus brand is loved by many, including director Steven Spielberg. For his film Minority Report (2002), Spielberg wanted a highly-futuristic, custom vehicle, so Lexus brand took full advantage set to work creating a technologically-advanced and aesthetically cutting-edge vehicle. Thus, they created the custom, one-of-a-kind Lexus LX470 for the film. 

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