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When driving a vehicle, your number one priority should always be safety. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict when road conditions will go south, so it’s important to stay alert at all times. To help you prepare for all types of road hazards, all of us here at LEXUS OF PEMBROKE PINES have put together our best tips and tricks for handling any potential dangers the road throws your way, so you and your Lexus car can stay safe at all times.

Fender Benders and Other Accidents

If an accident or a fender bender occurs in front of you, keep driving at a slow and steady pace. Try not to slow down and observe the accident, as this will disrupt the flow of traffic. If you’re involved in the accident, try to remain as calm as possible. It’s completely normal to feel disoriented or panicked, but it’s important to get your vehicle to a safer location as quickly as possible. Once your vehicle is safe from harm, call the police for extra assistance. Be sure to follow all the instructions from the first responder and cooperate with any directions.


Potholes are an unfortunate, yet all-too-common issue on many roads. They can do significant damage to your vehicle, particularly your tires, so try to move around them if you have room. Try not to swerve when you avoid a pothole, as this could intimidate cars next to you. Instead, keep a slow and steady speed to avoid potholes.

Here at Lexus of Pembroke Pines, we offer many NEW LEXUS CARS FOR SALE with advanced safety features that work to keep you safe when faced with a road hazard. Stop by and take our vehicles for a test drive to see how these safety features can impact your driving experience. Visit your Florida Lexus dealership soon to learn more!

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